Coaching & Mentoring

Executive coaching and leadership mentoring

My career has given me the opportunity to offer coaching and mentoring  to managers and team leaders. Clients worked on presentation skills, time management skills, managing 'up', personal branding. 

Some of the comments I gathered include

"Perfect positioning of the session that reflects my issue 100%!!!! Really thanks for everything, the materials are great..."

"You give me that extra support and confidence to try out new skills and tools"

"It is your demeanour that is getting people to talk, inviting to get people to delve deeper, find out reasons, better than dictating or telling. The biggest impact was to visualise the job with the percentages, action planning plus timeline."

"You challenge me to come up with more options"

"You keep me on track, you offer focus and direction"

My inspiration has come fromC.VA._E.5131919BW.jpg

Carl Rogers (1951) Client Centered Therapy, reading his books confirmed my idea that real listening and a real interest in others is crucial to do some good coaching.

Marshall Goldsmith (2007) whose no nonsense and practical approach appeals to me and in fact also to the coachees I have worked with .

David Clutterbuck (2005) who likes Goldsmith makes it work in practice and links it very much to company and organisational context. This is helpful because in reality the context has an immense impact on the coaching and mentoring  and vice versa.

Bruce Peltier (2010) – who offered me the psychological context of coaching and I work best if I have been able the set the scene to begin with. In addition his book is a real source of ideas and approaches for me to explore further.

I am keen to work with new candidates and do email me if you are interested.